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Texas has always been America's most musical state.
It was in Texas that many of America's greatest styles of music were invented. These include Rock and Roll (Buddy Holly), Ragtime (Scott Joplin), Electric Guitar (T Bone Walker), Texas Swing (Bob Wills), Blues (Leadbelly, Blind Lemon Jackson), Tejano (Lydia Mendoza & later Selina), and more.

The Texas Hall Of Musical Excellence honors excellence in music in the Lone Star State. This is not a "hall of fame". There are many famous musicians who never were really excellent - and there are many excellent musicians who never became famous.

Whether they ever achieved fame and fortune is not a criteria for TxHome.org - we are more concerned with their excellence in music.

Each month NightMoves music and entertainment magazine  readers nominate a new member to this site and to the print edition of NightMoves Magazine.

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