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Bob Wills:

Jim Rob Wills was only ten years old in 1915 when he fiddled at his first dance there in Hall County, being called to fill in for his drunken daddy, also the son of a fiddler. Bob and his brother Johnnie Lee took off for Waco, Texas, where the Texas Playboys were truly born, playing frequently on radio station WACO. It was his constant effort to put on a bigger, better show that brought about the Big Sound of Texas swing. If Bob hadn't played a fiddle, no one would have connected country to the Playboys' music at all. It was really jazz; jazz that portrayed a dignified South, with flowing fiddles and classy, sometimes brassy, arrangements. 'San Antonio Rose' took Bob 'from hamburgers to steaks,' as he was fond of saying. Although he inspired a generation of musicians, he never received a Grammy until 22 years after his death in 1975. Bob Wills was the Texan who first brought Western Swing to the world.