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Robert Earl Davis Jr., was born in Houston, Texas in 1968, and died  November 16, 2000. Davis began recording mix tapes as DJ Screw in the early 90s, and had soon developed his trademark style. The sound was directly influenced by Screw's advocacy of "syrup sippin'", a southern rap phenomenon based around the drinking of codeine-laced cough syrup which induces a sluggish, hallucinatory state in the user. Screw recorded hundreds of mix tapes which he sold at his own Screwed Up Records And Tapes store. A flourishing underground scene developed around the store and the DJ's home studio, the Screw Shop. The DJ was found dead in his own studio on 30 November, the victim of a fatal heart attack. Ironically, the cause was an overdose of a mixture of drugs and the "syrup" that he had so passionately advocated during his short life. DJ Screw was the Texan who brought "Screwed Music" to the world.